Project and Engineering Management

Provide management and support services for all phases of project execution starting from feasibility and conceptual design studies, Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) studies, Detail Design up to Commissioning and Start up.

Qualitative Risk Assessment (QlRA)

Conduct and lead workshops for qualitatively assessing risk and hazards associated with potential adverse events. These workshops will specifically focus on regional regulations and jurisdiction, as well as consequential liabilities pertaining to environmental damages, human injuries, loss of capital and production

Hazard Operability Review (HAZOP)

HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) review/study is a method for a qualitative assessment of hazards associated with the operation of a system or facility. Due to its nature, a HAZOP is to be conducted by a HAZOP team since individual input and exchange of ideas and interactions between the team members are essential components of its effectiveness

Quality Management System (QMS)

The objective of the implementation of a Quality Management System is for providing objective evidence that production is being performed in a controlled and consistent mode, that the product meets its intended purpose as well as the contractual technical requirement


Procurement is acquiring services, material or equipment. Good procurement is acquiring these items at the required quality at the right/lowest cost. For procurement of bulk material, quality, quantity, and delivery are the main criteria.


Provide specialist engineering consultancy service pertaining to water treatment systems, oil and gas processes and rotating equipment.